The First Rays Of The Sun

by daniel lauter

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Magical guided meditation, to deeply relax & sleep. Beautiful, visual, healing, you become compassionate light. Hypnotic serene voice, and lush Tibetan bowls awaken as glimmering rays of sweet ambrosia enter your blissful body!


The First Rays of the Sun

there is a magical place
where the first glimmering rays of sunlight
shine through tall trees
of the forest
on a path common to many
but known only by those who see
and gentle creatures of the wild
allow yourself to softly
transport to this path

slowly breath in the
glowing mist of dawn air
breath out with warm intentions
the motion of stillness
mindful of each breath
filling you deeply
within your diaphragm
and centers of energy
as it expands and comes inward again
sustaining steady feelings of tranquility

as you continue to breath
you become aware
of a small circle of light
in the depth of darkness
in sight of your present path
you hover
turning into mist
and enter a passageway

ambient light sparks candles
drifting from the moon soaked ground
glistening translucence
auspiciously nurturing
you gaze into it with infinity

you have entered
the tree of life
a tributary
all knowing
a path
of wisdom
of emptiness
of fulfill ness

within this place you can see
into the never ending.
relax in the chambers of its ambience

you pause to play with the light
it enters your minds eye
illuminating smiles of gratitude
and freedom
it is immersive
as it paints
intricate impressions
natural imprints of beauty
purifying your spirit
of any feelings of tensions
or illusionary stress
your breath stretches through
the imagined tips of your body
expanding your ultimate potential
As your walking form reappears

the wind gently flows from outside
channeling the mystique of songs
that enter the space
between you
and the walls of eternity

you hear and feel vibrations
internal dimension
translating synapsis
calming fluidity
it moves to your heartbeat

its sublime melody turns
darkness into vibrant light
centering all directions
allowing deep balance
within your inter being.

pulsing, breaths
orbs of energy
travel beside you
glowing with warmth
illuminating your path
pumping rhythms of joy
They dance within your natural state

as the sun begins to rise
so too becomes the manifestation of it in you
your light grows
spontaneously creating
Reaching outward
in omni directions
activating light forms
Sages from the entirety of time

They accompany your travel
As you move beyond
into the soul
of the warm earth
its inner chambers
each layer
dissolving into the next
through to the center
To the core within

you feel your prana flowing
pulsing with each step
as you connect
deeper and deeper
into the root of compassion
Abundant and giving
the wealth of all wealth

Uplifted, joyful
your heart is filled
with life, awakened
as it grows in strength,
fed by streams of consciousness

they pour outward from you
carrying blissful currents
of electric ions in spiral motion
you become all sentience

light beams
in threads of golden leaves
deep blue is the sky
vibrant red pulses
carry offerings of sweet ambrosia
Breath in the moment
Gentle soft long breaths
Breath out mindful awareness

Just beyond
surfaces a ridge of sculpted stone
revealing a spacious, glowing, serene, expanse
Your focus becomes its opening
fill your breath
with its nourishing presence
Deeply relax
in its floating plains
As the stillness of time enters you
with serene abandon

Your worldly eyes
Close for moments
And you begin to see
Beyond it's many lands
the center of the earth
and the far reaches of the universe
Both are your refection

As you gaze beyond
You see clear glass images
Gentle heartbeats
of divine memory
mirrors of all who have lived before
In this reflects the future
And all present beings,
the cycle of sentient ways
Bestows Infinite wisdom
upon your memories

ground yourself in this immersion
Continue with deep slow breaths
Know that all that inspires
Your true aspirations
Is now awakened and
Illuminates the vast expanse
Ready for your empowerment

The path to the opening
begins to grow beautiful emerald green moss
sweet earth you lay down
to deep states of peace
your material body begins to dissolve
into the brilliance of the colors
Symbiotic nourishment of your soul
And all that is

As your body rests
Your visual mind soars in all directions
As the light from a thousand suns
Gently bathes your aura
your potential becomes realized
You close your eyes and imagine the color
Which has now grown to a brilliant red
Within your third eye
empowering, cleansing negativity and obstacles

As it changes to golden rays
you feel abundance
growing in your heart
bright beaming
golden fire
beating within
forming white hot glowing streams
of healing energy
overflowing serenity

The first rays of the sun
have entered the earth through your heart
that which contains all love
and extends sight and compassion
beyond your eyes
They create the light vibration
Which feeds all beings
chords within each other
that radiate in harmony

Imagine these in a symphony, a
duality of light and sound
passing through your inner self
deep below the surface of time
deeper inside the mindful (inner) shell of
your (outer) existence
providing grounding columns of knowing,
masters to navigate uninhibited matter

You see colors float through
seas of luminescent mirrors
primordial liquid
veins of tranquility
slowly nourishing
flowing with the secrets
of life itself

transmitting healing
to yourself and
to all beings
you gently stroke
your outstretched hands
reaching upward to the surface
and inward to this place of beauty

you have become the essence
of your natural self
breath gently
savoring each moment
relax into its calm

the earth breaths you
you have breathed into the earth
the pendulum is complete
sketching song lines
of never ending stories
sung with plurality
by fields of morning doves

it is moments from dawns renewal
The forrest is aware of your presence
The earth is aware of the forrest
Your true nature is aware of the earth
A natural circle is born
Of wisdom
And simplicity

Allow yourself to call upon this
As you move beyond the sunrise


released October 19, 2014
daniel lauter - Spoken word and Tibetan Bowls



all rights reserved


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