Blue Lapis guided meditation

by daniel lauter

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Awesome guided meditation, great for deep relaxation & sleep. Gently vibrates every cell in your body! Beautiful, healing, transports you to sublime states of conscious awareness. Soothing voice, exquisite Crystal Bells, connects you with all sentient beings.


Blue Lapis Guided Meditation -

Relax your body and open your heart
Listen with intent to the vibrations of sound
as they move within your space
around you and beyond you

breath gently, slowly and with mindful purpose, to the sustain of each note
Allow yourself to use your diaphragm, your deep breathing muscle.
let it fill and expand and contract slowly outwards as you release your breath

focus on the interplay between the sounds,
their gentle rhythm and pulsation, their harmony and dissonance
as they move, grow and fade

Recognize their deep connection with breath
and know that the pattern and the motion of your breathing
is intertwined with that sound and they can travel together

within a leaf, the water comes slowly through the roots
and extends to every cell with a stream of life and light

Imagine that the sounds and your breath are becoming a similar stream
its current, your prana, your vital energy vibrating in tandem
and following a path of light through your centers of energy,

Gently awaken every cell in your body
as vibration is set in motion, carrying sacred sound
to all parts deep within your inner being and soul

Rest within this grounded space that is never changing
solid, yet fluid to the moment

Keep a connection to this space

Use it and your breath returning as a root grounded,
as you expand both upward again through your diaphragm's breathing,
allowing the stream to flow by,
into and out of all points of your central nervous system

each center vibrates with the sound as your breath passes
with a circular energy spiraling upward

in the top temple of your mind imagine you see a painting
of yourself and the space around you. with a gentle stroke of your hand
begin to move any colors of distraction and push aside these feelings of disturbance
anger or pain.

with your minds eye,
find an untouched white space on the canvas.
using your soft breath, direct the vibrations into this space
of purity and light

As you follow in the light
your mind's path, the sound vibration and your breath are one
As the warmth of the sound envelops you, be nurtured by the sounds immersion

feel the vast emptiness of the space you are entering.
It, the space of infinite clarity and potential.
It's a space of emptiness but it is not void,
it is complete, and you are within this space.
Delve deeper, be with each moment

Continue to follow a pathway into this space
and become aware of a pure blue lapis reflection
emanating in the sky above as it reveals itself

Visualize this blue healing energy that travels in all directions
as it enters your mind and down to your heart
and back along the energy centers of your body
that you have now set in motion as receptors for healing

As you visualize this light,
realize it is the sound's reflection
of the light's color.

with your body resonating in harmony
project to this place of infinite light
and center to the most inner space of your being

Your sacred sounds amplify
the energy that is yourself
you create a flow of healing
within and from your heart
that expands outward
to all that is in the space around you

you can direct the vibrational energy
to any part of your soul, your body, your consciousness
and all sentient beings

As you are now aware and awake
to this never ceasing river of healing energy
it leaves an imprint of an organic circuit of light
that you can connect to at any time and place
and use with healing intent for yourself and all who you encounter

Rest and relax within this place

Rest and relax within this place

- daniel


released October 19, 2014
daniel lauter - Spoken word and quartz crystal bells



all rights reserved


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