by daniel lauter

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Minitations™ are 1 - 2 minute meditations, designed for people on the go! Catch a minute, turn on your speakers, headphones or earbuds - direct your breathing with focused intent while listening to the crescendo and decrescendo of these beautiful harmonic bell tones and subtle beat frequencies, very soothing, and best of all, this only took 1-2 minutes and you can practice these techniques anywhere, anytime, on the go, at work, at home, it is effective!

This technique allows you to direct your breathing with focused intent while listening to the crescendo and decrescendo of specific sounds that have beautiful harmonic bell tones and subtle beat frequencies that are very soothing. As you listen these customized sounds gently and quickly put you in a state of deep meditation. The sound becomes so soft but you continue to listen closely with intent, deep but relaxed. As you focus on this sound and continue to follow the sound with your mind as it dissipates, everything else around you becomes a passing blur and quiets. As the vibrating sound slowly fades further eventually, and in a moment, it and you will reach a magical point where it transcends into stillness and clarity. The perception of the sound is now within you and the space around you is emptiness. After a few brief moments you are in a new state of clarity and relaxation. In this moment of heightened perception the audible sound vibration sympathetically has transferred into your own self's resonance. The static is gone. You are silently captivated, aware but relaxed. You allow yourself to awaken again as the sound of your present moment and new found clarity crescendos in balance with the space around you, establishing an enhanced sense of wholeness and harmony with your surroundings.

Here are three visualizations that you can use if you wish to enhance your Minitations™

1) In nature the rain gently stops and there is a transitionary silence. The void begins to fill with song birds. Your being is in harmony.

2) The sun disappears beneath the horizon on the edge of the ocean and the energy of the bright orb evolves into an expansive array of color against the sky. Your beauty is that color.

3) Dusk transitions to moonlight and the tides and the winds reply. Your gentle presence turns the darkness again to light.


released October 20, 2014

daniel lauter - Quartz crystal bells & Gongs, Tibetan Bowls



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