Ceremony & Sacred Blueprint artist selections

by daniel lauter

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Moving meditations to bliss out and attune. Music by daniel lauter with the late great Suru Ekeh's mystical drums - Tibetan bowl, Quartz Crystal bells & gongs, flute, clarinet, flowing vocal tapestries, didj, Taos drum, Pow Wow drum, hand drums, bongo, rainsticks, sampler, vocal tapestries and overtone harmonics, monochord, ambient saxophone & clarinet, chinese reeds... wonderful tracks! renew, restore, revitalize!

Ceremony & Sacred Blueprint artist selections are artist selected tracks from both of daniel lauter's world ambient organic cd's

Previous reviews on Sacred Blueprint:

"Sacred Blueprint" is mysterious and the album is filled with insistent, pulsating rhythms and layers of exotic melodies. Right from the opening musical phrases, I was drawn into an aural landscape of scintillating, primitive beauty. "Sacred Blueprint" is the most intriguing new album that I have heard this year ! "
Ken Gruen - Philadelphia

"Sacred Blueprint" is certainly among the most progressive and accessible world beat albums of the year. Multi - instrumentalist Daniel Lauter weaves a hypnotic web of sounds making for an ancient sounding listening experience. "Sacred Blueprint" demonstrates Lauter's mastery on a number of indigenous instruments. "
Robert Silverstein - Time and a word - NY

"Very cool and very hot ... the album broils with percussion and snarly didj drones, suitable for flowing dance movements ... or sensuous massage ... with mystical layers of exotic aboriginal sound textures ! "
Carol Wright - AMG

" Chops galore and a deep musical vision. His use of didjeridu is unique, as he explores hypnotic tribal rhythms and melodic spaces, highlighted by the incredible version of "Within You/Without You" - the Beatles tune like you have never heard it before! "Sacred Blueprint" is highly recommended - an unqualified success!"
Lloyd Barde - Backroads

" Polished ... musically intriguing ... worldly and tribal ... his didjeridu talents make this album something special. Another undiscovered gem destined to reach a high level of exposure on our radio program "
Forest - Musical Starstreams

" This is a major, timeless work. The music comes from and creates a place of very deep and rich cultural and spiritual intelligence. I've let several friends listen to it in NYC (to) British Columbia and they're blown away !"
Dan McSweeney - Program Director - Third Millennium

Previous Reviews on Ceremony:

"This heavy instrumental release ... sends the listener spiraling into an exotic, alternate state of consciousness ... This is the best recording of its type I've found to date"
PJ Birosik - Music News

I have to admit being a sucker for this mystical, trancy stuff. I love the gently percolating percussion and the buzzing didjeridu, and I can't get enough of those stark saxophones whispering in open fifths. As religion, the New Agey mumbo-jumbo is pretty light weight, but this music is soothing in a way that doesn't condescend, and it rewards your attention with out demanding it. This is music John Hassell would make if he weren't so darn smart; Yanni might do this sort of thing if he could, but he's not smart enough. Narada records, eat your hearts out!
Rick Anderson, The Herald, Provo, Utah

"Mesmerizing cross cultural album, originally released by Gabrielle Roth's Raven label, 'Ceremony' stirs the soul with its timeless sounds"
Heartbeats Catalog

"Ceremony introduces the talents of two remarkable new artists...when they play, they create an exotic sonic language that bypasses the rational mind and awakens some dormant primordial force inside the soul of the listener"
Ken Gruen - New Frontier

"The Aboriginal didjeridu radiates potent dreamtime vibrations, while drum patterns pierce them through your body...this one captivates softly at the ultimate speed of trance. Hold on to your vibrations. You will not be the same person after experiencing this commanding sonic ceremony"

Experience a moving meditation with 'Ceremony'. Past, Present, Future and One, the four original compositions are performed wih an incredible combination of instruments. The result is a powerful moving meditation with primal rhythms and sounds that summon profound memories of the mystery of creation and being. Your body will vibrate to its healing energies!
Leading Edge

Primordial liquid flowed through my veins as I listened to this CD. Extra terrestrial combines with earth energy ... the music is very danceable ...persons who enjoy ritual will have fun experimenting with these musical flavors. I have listened to this CD over and over again and never tire of it. Friends who have heard me play it have said 'I have to have it ...what is it? It makes a definite statement!
Della Richmond - FRIENDS


released October 19, 2014

daniel lauter, Suru Ekeh, Robert Powell, China Reign, Jessai Tambourin, Donnay Soszyn, Josh Jones, Jeff Chitouras



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